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Janet's services focused on attendee management and auditing for our annual School of Life Conference.  She used our online registration system and managed the data on a daily basis.  She executed the process from the beginning to the end of her assignment with dedication which in turn helped us be more efficient.  In the end, her  work impacted our bottom line as continued audits and reporting allowed me, as the Director of Meetings, to continue to fine tune our budget and work with the hotel to bring down the cost of our event as the data  was updated.  With a meeting of this magnitude and all of the responsibilities and changes to be managed, many times the last thing that gets our time is the data management and auditing which  can have a huge impact on our bottom line.   Janet and JLG Event Management Solutions provided timely information, carried the burden for us and was always looking ahead for stumbling blocks to ensure not only a great meeting but provided data management integrity to the results on the financial side that would not have occurred without her assistance.   Janet also provided meaningful and timely professional insight and suggestions as it related to the overall meeting as a fellow CMP in the industry.  In summary, Janet's flexibility to adapt to attendee management and communication with management ensured superior customer service affecting areas such as:  rooming, ground transfer and our dine around meetings.  JLG Event Management Solutions can provide attendee management services on its own or in partnership with an in-house planner...complementing and supporting the conference team's efforts.
Belkis T. Capeles, MA, CMP Director of Conferences Valmark Securities
Janet's attention to detail and strong customer service skills served her well as Event Producer. She is professional and dedicated to not only meeting her client's needs but exceeding their expectations.
John Martin, General Manager, Colortone Staging & Rentals 

Janet will do whatever it takes to make the event/group she is planning/organizing a success. She is very detail oriented and gets the job done right and does it with professional flare.” 
Kelly Brenner, Account Manager, General Commercial Corporation